Master of Professional Studies
in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Concentration in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice

About the Program FAQs

  • How is this program unique?

This MPS program in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice brings together useful new solutions from the social sciences that are targeted at improving consumer welfare.  Students have the opportunity to stylize their program in one of three areas of potential concentration:  Behavioral Marketing, Sustainability and Behavior, and Behavioral Finance

  • Who should apply?

This program will be appropriate for students interested in a terminal degree and who are interested in pursuing careers in food marketing, public policy, consulting, or research.  For students with undergraduate degrees in nutrition, psychology, or economics who are looking for an applied context to leverage their skills. Or for students interested in future Ph.D. programs related to food or public health but who are still exploring various domains including economics, psychology, marketing, public health, nutrition, communication, and food science.