Master of Professional Studies
in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Concentration in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice

Career Opportunities

Cornell University’s and the Dyson School’s placement services are available to MPS students.  In addition, the Project Sponsorship Program and the annual event Consumer Biz Camp: Industry Solutions (taking place on the second Wed-Fri of March each year) will provide access to companies and entities that are looking for solutions in this area. This will provide a unique set of placement connections that will be fitting of this innovative program. 
Past students trained in behavioral economics and consumer choice have gone on to take a wide variety of jobs, including:

  • Food branding and aesthetics consultant in London
  • Hotel and Entertainment Manager at a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Nutrition Editor for the largest newspaper in Tokyo, Japan
  • Market Researcher for Darden Restaurants
  • Broadcast news journalist in NYC
  • Analyst for American Express
  • Restaurant owner in LA
  • Account Executive, Strategy consultant for an ad agency in the UK
  • Dietetic consulting practice in Melbourne
  • Marketing researcher in NYC
  • Unilever cosmetics in Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Food scientist at Campbell’s Soup
  • Applying behavioral economic principles to change behavior for Disney
  • Family and consumer science teacher in Detroit
  • Personal training company in Copenhagen – owner
  • Culinary academy in Florence, Italy – co-owner
  • Food scientist for McCormick’s Spices
  • Manager of small chain of own family restaurants in Texas
  • Cookbook Author; Food Journalist in LA
  • Manager clinical psych group dealing with Eating Disorders in Netherlands
  • Food Network content developer
  • Web developer related to nutrition


  • What kind of degree will I get through this program?

Candidates for the Master of Professional Studies in Agriculture and Life Science with concentration in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice can choose from three areas of focus: Behavioral Marketing, Sustainability and Behavior or Behavioral Finance. This program is located in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

  • What kind of job will I be able to get with this degree?

Due to the  growing interest in behavioral economics and in the role that psychology and economics jointly play in decisions related to food, public health, personal finance and sustainability, past students trained in this area of knowledge have moved on to a variety of jobs listed above